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Carolina's Healing Vessels

I started making pots over 20 years ago after a serious health incident.  I’ve wanted to work with clay for a long time but never thought I had the time or energy.  In grade school, I used clay to make sculptures.  I realized after that event that life is too short to put off things that truly tug at you.  So, I started taking classes at the Edina Art Center and soon became very passionate and obsessed.  I wanted to learn and do everything from different forming techniques, decorating, mixing and exploring glazes, and finally different ways to fire the pieces.

Today, my work reflects my love of beautiful functional pottery. Most are wheel thrown with some altered out of round. I love to decorate with patterns inspired by nature or tribal tattoos and glaze.  Some shapes only require applying texture and firing finish the piece. I hope you will love to touch and use each one!

Being a “good” Filipino daughter, at the University of Iowa I went into electrical engineering.  My first job was creating digital filter software for portable seismographs used for oil exploration. Today, I still have a day job working in information technology as the global product lead for SharePoint at 3M along with selling my pottery in juried art fairs in the Midwest and a few galleries.

All the pieces are food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven safe.

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